How do I submit my score?

There are four steps to submitting your score for the online @cpcfbattle qualifiers.

  1. Log In
  2. Click Submit Scores
  3. Enter Your Score
  4. Click Submit Score

Once you submit your score, your judge will receive an email asking them to validate your score.

How does my score get validated?

During score submission, Athlete’s must provide the email address of their Affiliate Head Coach to validate their scores online. Please ensure that you provide the correct email address. Only Affiliate Head Coaches have the authority to accept or reject a score.

  1. The Affiliate Head Coach will receive an email with a summary of your score submission.
  2. Click <Validate Score>
  3. Review the score and either <Accept> or <Reject> the score

For more details, please visit:

Please note that scores and videos have to be submitted prior to the deadlines specified for each workout. Any score submitted after the deadline will not be accepted

Can I repeat the WOD and enter in multiple scores?

Yes, athletes are allowed to repeat the WOD as many times as they’d like, as long as it’s done within the deadlines specified. Athletes can also change their scores if they wish to improve on their previous result. However, every time a new score is entered, it must be verified by the Affiliate Head Coach to be considered.

Can I dispute my score?

Athletes with scores that have been altered after review from The Battle Staff will be contacted via email with details regarding this alteration.

The decision made by The Battle Staff is final and no further alterations will be made once the final Battle Leaderboard has been published.


If you are experiencing any difficulty submitting your score and video, please email