The Saracen Race is Kuwait’s first local 5K Obstacle Race taking place annually at The Battle Fitness Festival. This fun race is open to individuals of all skill levels and genders, aged 16+.
Last year, obstacles ranged from crawling under barbed wire and climbing cargo nets, to climbing monkey bars and carrying loads from one checkpoint to the next. Get a team together and stay tuned for the obstacles we have in place for you this year!

The Battle is a two day fitness festival held annually in Kuwait, attracting athletes from all over the world as well as thousands of individuals who join us to show their support and have a good time. You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy our festival – we ensure that everyone from athletes and fitness freaks, to supporters and families, have something to enjoy in this annual action-packed weekend.
So get your friends together and sign up to be a part of The Battle Fitness Festival!

The Super Team Cup is The Battle’s team category, open to both Arab and international male and female athletes. This category attracts competitive athletes of all skill levels, giving them the opportunity to compete with their teammates in an exciting environment. Registration for this category is limited so assemble your team and register today!
NOTE: Teams must be made up of 3 same gender athletes.

The Athlete Games is The Battle’s oldest category, originally launched in 2013. Today, the Athlete Games is exclusive to male and female Arab athletes, attracting individuals from all over the Middle East. It is also considered the most competitive category at The Battle.
NOTE: Athletes competing in this category are required to complete all 3 pre-battle Qualifiers in order to compete in the finals.

The Battle’s newest category to date is the Athlete Games Masters Division. This division is open to both international and Arab, male and female athletes who are 35+ years old, giving them the platform to compete with mature athletes who match their skill level and caliber.
NOTE: Athletes competing in this category are required to complete all 3 pre-battle Qualifiers.

— Please note that The Athlete Games, Super Team Cup, and The Saracen Race will run at the same time. You can only register for one.