In order to qualify for The Battle of the East Finals, all individual athletes must complete three online qualifier workouts. Please note that participants for The Super Team Cup and Saracen Race will be selected on a first come, first serve basis, and will not be required to complete any qualifiers.


Below are the guidelines for video content and submission. Please note that this is simply a guide, and it is the athlete’s responsibility to produce a video that is of sufficient quality and clearly shows the athlete adhering to the rules and movement standards.


  • Athletes must state their name, division, and Affiliate on each video prior to conducting the WOD.
  • All equipment used must be shown.
  • A timer must be in clear sight at all times throughout the video.
  • TIP: If gym timer not available, use a tablet. There are several free apps that can be used.
  • Judges should be in clear sight in the video and should clearly show ‘no-reps’ when they occur.


  • Videos must be uploaded on a public platform (eg. YouTube). Athletes will be asked to provide the link to the video when needed.
  • Athletes are solely responsible for the timely and successful submission of their workouts every week. Submissions that are incomplete or not verified will not be accepted.
  • The Battle of the East maintains the right to use video submissions for validation, regardless of the validation process followed by your Affiliate Head Coach.