Welcome to the 2017 Battle Fitness Festival!

The final qualifier workout for the Individuals and Masters Athlete Games divisions will be as follows:

10 Minute Time Cap for Maximum Reps of:

50 Cal Row

40 Wall Balls at 20lbs for Men and 14lbs for Women 

80 Double Unders

40 Wall Balls

Max burpees over the Erg


Workout begins with athlete standing tall with a rower, jump rope, wall ball, and wall ball target in view. The target for men in this workout is 10ft and 9ft for women.

At the sound of 3, 2, 1, go…

Athlete will move towards the rower and row 50 calories. Once completed, the screen must be in clear camera view as the athlete gets off the rower.

Athlete will then complete 40 wall balls, 80 double unders, and then 40 wall balls again.

Wall Balls – Athlete starts standing and must pass below parallel before standing again and hitting the designated target. Measurement for the wall ball target must be clearly shown.

80 Double Unders – Rope must pass under the athlete’s feet twice for the rep to count.

Once done with the movement, athlete will move towards the rower and attempt as many reps as possible of burpees over the rower in the remaining time.

Burpees – Athlete must clearly have chest and thighs touch the floor before standing up. Athlete does not have to stand up fully before jumping over rower. Jump must be with both feet during take off and landing.

In every workout, the clock, the equipment, and the athlete must remain in the camera at all times. All weights must be clear and visible for verification.


Athlete will be scored on the total reps completed in the 10 minute time cap.