Welcome to the 2017 Battle Fitness Festival!

The first qualifier workout for the Masters and Individuals Athlete Games divisions will be as follows:

Athletes will have 4 minutes to complete:

2 rounds of:

8 overhead squats – the barbell for this workout will be 95lbs for men and 55lbs for women.

8 box jumps

8 toes-to-bar

10 snatches – the barbell for men will start at 115lbs and 65lbs for women, and increase in each 4 minute window as follows: 

Men: 115 – 135 – 155 – 185

Women: 65 – 85 – 105 – 125


The workout begins with the athlete standing tall with 2 pre-loaded barbells – 95lbs and 115lbs for men, and 55lbs and 65lbs for women. Athletes must be near a pull up bar and a box at a height of 24 inches for men and 20 inches for women.

At the sound of 3, 2, 1, go…

The athlete must have 4 minutes to complete 2 rounds of:

8 overhead squats – making sure that hips pass below parallel and athlete stands up fully open with arms extended overhead.

8 box jumps – landing both feet on the box and standing tall before jumping back off.

8 toes to bar – athlete starts in a dead hang with arms straight bringing both feet to touch the bar at the same time.

Once 2 rounds are completed, athlete will move towards the second barbell and attempt 10 snatches – making sure that the barbell begins on the ground and is lifted overhead in one smooth motion. Bar must come out to a full lockout overhead with hips, knees, and arms fully extended. Any type of snatch is allowed.

If all movements are completed within the 4 minutes, athlete will move on to the next 4 minute window.

Athlete will complete the 2 rounds of 8 OHS, 8 box jumps, and 8 toes to bar then increase the weights on the second barbell by 20lbs to attempt 10 snatches.

Athlete will continue to do the same movement until reaching the maximum weight of 185lbs for men and 125lbs for women. Weight increases will be as follows: 

Men: 115 – 135 – 155 – 185

Women: 65 – 85 – 105 – 125

In every workout, the clock, the equipment, and the athlete must remain in the camera’s view at all times. All weights must be clear and visible for verification.


Athletes will be scored on the total reps completed and time.

Best of luck to all competing athletes!