BOE Leaderboard scores are considered unofficially validated until the Qualifier ends and all videos and submitted scores have been reviewed each week. The only officially validated scores throughout the Qualifier will be those that have finished with the top score in each weekly event earning the cash prize. The leaderboard will be considered official on September 10, 2016.

At least one workout video from each athlete will be reviewed. The video will be chosen at random, however, submission of all three recorded workouts are required.

Once the qualifier leaderboard is officially validated invitations will be sent via email to the top 100 (80 male/20 female) Arab nationals starting September 1st, 2016.

Upon receiving invitation athletes have 2 days to accept or decline their invitation and complete registration for the competition before the next round of invites is sent.

If an invitation is declined an additional set of invitations will be sent to the next qualifying athlete(s) with the same timeline as the original invites.  This process will continue until both divisions are at capacity.